Random EV does CAGIVA

  1. -Remote Monitoring over the Internet

  2. -Open Source Java / Processing software at Linux PC

  3. -Pachube API used for logging of data

Remote monitoring

eCagiva has remote monitoring of the cells. Below you can see the real-time cell voltages for cells 1-7 embedded to this page. Values to this graph are updated with 5 minute interval.

Technically this is very simple setup.

  1. 1.CellLog8 reads voltages

  2. 2.Linux PC reads voltages with ”home-made” Java software using CellLog8 USB-connection. This happens every 2 seconds

  3. 3.Local graphical display is updated every 2 seconds so that I can see the cells locally while charging etc.

  4. 4.Measurements are sent out from TCP-port every 2 seconds for every client that is connected. Protocol is just simple ”;”-separated string with 8 voltage values in it.

  5. 5.Measurements are sent to Pachube every 5 minutes for long-time graphs.

This way I can monitor my cells from home and with mobile devices too. Real-time measurements can be done at 2 sec intervals and long-time meaurements are saved with 5 min resolution.

All software can be run with most common operating systems and the software is ”stand-alone”, meaning that if you can get Processing.org Java envinronment running in your computer, this monitoring software should run also just fine.

Cells (17 x)


  1. +PC & Java

www.pachube.com (/ 5 min)

TCP at port 7373 (/ 2 sec)



@home (Java)