eCars-Now!-community is developing an Open Source Battery Management System for Lithium Ion batteries. The system is called ”eBMS”.

Development is done as co-operation of many professionals in various fields. The organization behind the eBMS is eCars-Now! - an global EV-community aiming for making EV mass-conversions possible. eCars-Now! was born in the same country where Linux was born - Finland.

eBMS’ - what’s that ?

In this site you will find information about the eBMS eComponent. If you wish to participate, you are very welcome to do so. Please contact us, at the e-mail address below.

”May your cells live always at the optimum zone !”

Henry ”Henkka” Palonen / eCars-Now! eBMS team

Feedback: henry -dot- palonen -at_sign- gmail -dot- com