Finland's first EV motorcycle conversion with LiPo cells (En)
True story about our VDR based digibox car bulb (En)
CNC and electronics stuff for sale (Fi)
Accucharger for R/C accus (En)
Duracell D-cell battery cold measurements (En)
PIC (Fi) / (En)
CNC (En)
MP3 player from IBM Thinkpad-laptop (En)
Alcatel terminal (En)
Radio amateuring aka. OH6KFT (En)
Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) (En)
Models (both small scale and 1:1):
RC-planes (En)
Model sailboat (En)
Our full-size sailboat Selma (En)
Purjehduslokikirjamme netissä (En)
Small sailing video (Video)
Model rocket (En)
Other hobbies:
Finnish Robotic Assosiation (Fi / En)
Photography (Fi / En)
Astronomy (En)
Fun / weird stuff:
Hungry bird pool (Plasticine animation). Made from about 500 pcs of still pictures. (Video)
Very strange electric instrument made almost accidentaly
when I was making wind-meter for our boat
(MOV) (try .mov first) (AVI)
Some kind of laser show, made mainly to keep our little 1/2 year old boy happy :)
Small pieces of software:
sqlqui, GUI for MySQL for written in perl and gtk. (En)
gsmqueue.pl, small queue script for gnokii written in perl. (En)
mp3cd, small script to convert mp3 to audiocd with Gtk interface. (En)
GKrellM addons (En)
AudioCD web-interface (En)
Network profile chooser for laptops (En)
from HPGL-file to X11 screen (En)
General things:
My EV blog (En)
My 3D printing blog (En)
My YouTube channel (En)
PalonenLABS - this is what I do for living (En)
Photo blog (Flickr) (Fi) / (En)
Tent sauna (En)
About author:
Who is behind this ? (En)

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