Seti@home and fileread-plugins for GKrellM

GKrellM monitor suits really fine for me to monitor various system activities. But I liked to add couple of things like temperature and seti@home client progress monitor. Both tasks can be done with simply text-file reading.

Temperature and other "value" reading (fileread)

I'm putting my outside temperature in textfile '~/.temperature' and reading that to "krell". This is done with fileread plugin. It can read any single textfile with label & value pair to krell. File should contain just one line, like

Out: -23.34

Filename is configurable same way as seti@home plugin, see below. tmoestl gmx net Thomas Moestl added a nice support for int, string and float types of data. There is also ability to monitor multiple files at the same time. For compiling, you'll need Makefile and then just type make.
Update for gkrellm 1.2.9: Blues send me patch to make fileread work with gkrellm 1.2.9. Thanks Blues !

seti@home monitor

Seti-monitor looks for 'state.sah' and in that line containing 'prog=0.nnnnnnn' string. Then it simply converts that to "krell" movement. Seti-monitor includes an configuration option to set file path. You can access configuration by pressing right mouse at GKrellM's top corner and choosing 'configure'. And there should be an 'Plugins' tree, and under that you hopefully find 'Seti'. If you click on the seti-krell, it starts or stops seti@home client process by "killall setiathome". (In future, it should use "pid" file that resides in seti-directory...) This monitor is not developed any more because there is better monitor available now (see links-section).


Both monitors use an plugin-method implemented in GKrellm. Just copy plugin (for example to ~/.gkrellm/plugins - directory and enjoy.


Seti: version compiled in RedHat 6.2 / gkrellm 0.10.4:

Fileread: version compiled in RedHat 7.0 Beta / gkrellm 0.10.4:


Sources can be found here:

In case plugin needs recompilation, just type make and that should do it.

If you want to enable debugging (if it dumps core or something) just put "-g" somewhere at the "gcc" lines at the Makefile.



In random order:


Xavier Serpaggi has modified this monitor a little further, there is nice graphics and better outlook in his version.



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Henkka, 11.10.2000