We (scoutgroup called "Kyypartio") are participating this years JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) with radio-calls OH6SUF and OH6KFT. Our location will be at central part of Finland, a small village called Kyyjärvi. We'll be using JOTA-frequencies at HF-band with CW and SSB:

80 m3.740 MHz3.590 MHz
40 m 7.090 MHz 7.030 MHz
20 m14.290 MHz14.070 MHz
17 m18.140 MHz18.080 MHz
15 m21.380 MHz21.140 MHz
12 m24.960 MHz24.910 MHz
10 m28.990 MHz28.190 MHz

Hope to hear you Oct 20-21 2001 on the air !

Henkka, OH6KFT ( oh6kft at sral dot fi)