Network profile selector for laptops

This is very quickly coded program for changing IP-addresses, default routes, hostnames etc. when laptop is changes network-connection.

Basic idea behind software is to have one directory where all profiles reside. Then there is sub-directory for each profile and there are files needed for profile-change.


Profilename is "homenet" and master-directory is "/etc/netprofiles". So layout goes like this:

                     |--------- homenet.hosts
                     |--------- homenet.ifcfg-eth0
                     |--------- homenet.resolv.conf

And when user executes script, it just copies files to place and restarts network. Very simple thing and very usable, at least for me ;-)

Downloads, main "program" . Not so sure if it can be called program, it's so short ;-)


Henry Palonen, 2000