First one, a HI-BOY 3, was build between 1998-1999 and was destroyed by "quite" harsh landing to frozen lake... It was my first take-off by myself ;-) I had been instructed by more experienced pilots at common RC-airfield but this time I decided to try on my own. Heh... Well, it took nearly an year to shake that shock off and start building another plane.


This time it's same model, except it has landing flaps and ailerons. Wow. Total of 5 channels is required to fly this plane. Quite nice plane to fly, even the flaps work well. I have attached small camera to the plane and have taken some videos with it.

First video ever. Camera alignment is somewhat bad. lento18092002.avi (11 M) lento18092002.mpeg (39 M) ~ 5 min
In the following day the alignment was much better. Couple of loops and rolls. Maybe the best video I have taken to this day. 1lento19092002.avi (16 M) 1lento19092002.mpeg (41 M) ~ 5 min
This time decided to look down. Not so good idea since there is no horizon visible to give a clue how plane is oriented. This video contains many rolls, loops and Immelmans (well, at least that's what they are ment to be...). Soon after this video ends, I flew low speed / low altitude pass right beside me... And of course after that pass plane stalled and hit the ground. Broken spinner, propeller and few balsa things. It went to ground from about 5 m heigth, so I guess I'm lucky to survive with so minor broken things. 2lento19092002.avi (17 M) 2lento19092002.mpeg (62 M) ~ 5 min

More pictures and videos

22.09.2002 we were out with small video-camera and mounted it to model-rocket... It was interesting picture to watch :) Couple of more videos also.

Easy Pigeon

I bought Easy Pigeon at summer 2001. It's electric glider, wingspan 170cm and powered by 540 electric motor. It took only couple hours to build it since it's ARTF-model. I have flown couple of times with Hi-Boys when somebody got those in the air for me. But with this plane, I can learn to fly all by myself. It's much more revarding and much easier. I just need to charge batteries, take the plane and trasmitter and walk to nearby field. That compared to all the mess with glow engines, I'm quite sold to electrics right now. At least in early stages of learning electric seems the way to go because of relatively high airtime you get in the field. There's no need to hassle with gasoline or engine, just push the left stick forward and off you go!

I have flown it maybe twenty times now. It has crashed twice... First time wing backside was broken about 20 cm wide. Second time I had to change whole rear side of the wing. I'm slowly learning how to control the plane, I have had even couple of times when I have flown whole battery empty and haven't crashed ;-) There are couple pictures below. The crash pictures are from the second one.

Pico Stick

I bough Pico at wintertime 2001-2002 and I have flown it many times since then. It's quite nice plane to fly indoors and outdoors if it doesn't wind too much.

SunPlus codec-for Windows Media Player

If above videos don't play, install Sunplus codec to your Windows Media Player. Unzip and doubleclick "Sunplus.inf" and choose Installer.
If you are interested, you can always check plane building pictures." with a little description at each of them.