Model Sailboat

I had a small model sail boat as cristmas present from my wife this year. It's a kit made by Artesania Latina. Bits and parts so far have been really good quality.
Making the ship started with careful studies of plans supplied. There are separate plans for hull and decoration as well as plans for rigging the sails and wires.
Then I fixed the hull together with glue.
Then comes the deck. Its made of many small sticks glued to deck with contact-glue (or shoemakers glue). They should be clamped tight so they curve along the deck.
Then the hull is covered with sticks bent along the curvatures. It's recommended that sticks are heated with hot steam so they bent better. However, I found that when carefully nailing the sticks in place, they did't need any steaming. Nailing seemed very hard at first as I couldn't find any support that can hold the boat. But it was easy when I used my legs as support. They are just fine for this, they don't wreck the ship as they give some room for the ship to move. And they are still firm enough for holding the ship in place while nailing.

I found that nails were so tiny that I needed nose-pliers to hold them in place while hammering them. I didn't do hull quite as they recommended, I put the sticks more evenly to up and down-parts. That way I saved the trouble of making many "fillers" to fill the gaps between sticks. I must buy some filler to fill small gaps before I sand and paint the whole hull.

So, the boat is not finished yet, only thing that's so far been party done is the hull. Let's see when I'm going to work with that again.